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Featherlocks was the first brand to be introduced to the hair industry by Condition Culture. The high quality feather hair extensions made an immediate and dramatic impact in the fashion and beauty worlds, showing up on Hollywood’s A-listers and in the pages of top fashion magazines. Featherlocks' superior quality and individual style make them the perfect addon extention for that special look.

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Human Hair Extension
Balmain hair extensions feel just like your own hair, blending beautifully with your natural locks. These fantastic new extensions are an innovative method of adding volume, colour, structure and length to your hair.

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Hair up
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Permanent Waves
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Wallastrate - Straight System Intense
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Olaplex is a turbo-charged conditioning treatment that repairs disulphate sulfur bonds within the hair structure, which can be broken down by heat, colouring or other chemical treatments.


An ultra-light formula which absorbs into the hair instantly, leaving a natural, silky finish and brilliant shine without leaving a residue. MOROCCANOIL TREATMENT has the ability to help restore condition to over-processed hair caused by environmental factors and chemical procedures.

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The Brazilian Blow Dry
La-Brasiliana Keratin Treatment withCollagen is a revolutionary cutting-edge hair treatment taht instantly rejuvenates your hair and leaves it feeling softer, shiney and more manageable than ever.

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